Sweet Longing

Sweet Lord and Master, Savior divine.
I'll praise You forever and never repine!
The thought that You saved me under Your plan,
Is just so unbelievable, I can't understand!

So I won't worry over the things I have lacked,
But, just take Your word and believe it as fact.
That Your love is so strong, unconditional and pure,
You made our soul to forever endure!

When we accept You and turn from our sin,
And open our heart so You can come in,
Forever we'll be right by Your side.
Where there is Heaven, we'll forever abide!

I love to praise You, I love You so much.
My heart sings with joy at each loving touch!
As my soul reaches out to You when I pray,
I just can't help it - when I long for that day!

- Dot Wilson -

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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