Take A Walk With Me

          Come and take a walk with me,
          Along life's wondrous trails;
          There are lessons to be learned,
          From the many humble tales.

          Let's see, where shall we start?
          Ah, here's one that I know;
          I have traveled this path before,
          It's a way that we all must go.

          This path is aptly named,
          The Trail of Many Sorrows;
          But thank our Lord in Heaven,
          It also offers bright tomorrows.

          Let's walk along and not look back,
          We'll aim for that mountain range;
          There's no sense at all in dwelling,
          On those things we cannot change.

          Here we are at a fork in the trail,
          Which way would you like to go?
          It really makes no difference,
          We must travel them all you know.

          But just for now, why don't we take,
          The path called Happy Trails;
          With the guidance that God gives us,
          It's the path where no one fails.

          We can count our many blessings,
          And give thanks for this very day;
          Most trails are really quite pleasant,
          If we'll follow them all His way.

          So let's walk along, one step at a time,
          And treasure each blessing He sends;
          Place them gently in our memory,
          For when we reach the Trails End.

~ Paul D. Berube ~

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2008 ( TrailsEndNH@aol.com ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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