Take Time

We don't know our span of life,
For God ordains our days.
Our earthly life is but a breath,
A vapor that fades away.

So take time to say "I love you",
To your family and friends.
For life is so uncertain,
We know not when it ends.

Take time to enjoy creation.
God designed it for you and me.
The sun, the stars, the silvery moon,
The mountains, plains and seas.

The beauty of spring and autumn,
With colors so brilliant and bold.
Sultry summers, so bright and blue,
And winters so white and cold.

Trees, flowers and butterflies,
The birds, both great and small.
Creatures of every shape and size,
Our Lord created them all.

God created for man a paradise.
Through temptation, man cast it away.
When sin entered the Garden of Eden,
Perfection was tainted that day.

But God loves man so very much,
He provided him a Way.
He promised to send a Sacrifice,
And His blood still flows today.

If you are a child of the living God,
Then you are Heaven bound.
If Jesus is the Lord of your life,
No greater gift could you have found.

If you are covered by His blood,
Take time to thank the Lamb.
Each day give Him praise and glory,
For He is the great "I AM".

Take time to share with lost ones,
How they can be saved like you.
For time is of the essence,
And they need salvation, too.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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