Man paddling on a surfboard with a 'white shark' nearby.

Taking Chances

Jeopardy is taking a chance,
Setting yourself up to fail —
If you win, you feel like a hero,
If you lose, you could end up in jail!

Depending on the chances you're taking,
Your money or maybe your life,
If it makes things a little more interesting,
It's probably worth all the strife.

Life that has no excitement
Is a pitiful way to live,
Just marking time is very dull
When you have so much to give.

You lose touch with all the people
You have loved throughout the years,
Your mind is a desert island
Trapped by irrational fears.

If you want to feel eternally young
And a person both loving and giving,
Take a chance and reach out to the world;
You'll find life is really worth living.

~ Mary Eileen Butera ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Mary Eileen Butera, Copyright © 2011 -- {used with permission} ]

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