Tell Other's I'm Coming

I came to this earth,
To die for your sins
I suffered a lot,
So you would win

Some would not listen,
And turn from their ways
So onward they went,
Looking for better days

They really don't love me,
And some never will
If only they knew me,
That I love them still

I wanted to show them,
Just how much I care
And take them to heaven,
To live with me there

My heart was so broken,
While there on the cross
Seeing them mock me,
While paying the cost

I was willing to suffer,
And give of my life
For whosoever would come,
Could come without price

I love all of my children,
And what they have done
I'm preparing a place,
For them when they come

Tell others I'm coming,
The time is not long,
Till all are in heaven
Singing the hallelujah song.

- Mary Eldridge -

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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