Thank God For All Seasons

We've complained about the summer rains,
All that moisture in the air...
Fall only lasted a day or two,
And we're in winter's icy stare.

The temperature dropped over night,
and the snow came tumbling down...
Gusty winds blew relentlessly,
Now everyone wears a frosty frown.

Are we ever really satisfied,
with Mother Natures varied gifts...
Can we accept quick changes,
with dreams of snowy drifts?

Or do we envy the Southlands,
with it's sunshine and white clouds...
And pack up our suitcases,
heading south with the crowds?

Someone is always complaining:
It's either too hot or too cold...
There's never enough sunshine,
to put cloudy days on hold!

What are my thoughts this time of year,
As Autumn leaves begin to fall?
Let's kick it up a notch,
And go walking in the Mall!

Those wide streets we will walk in,
are all covered and warm...
We can have a lot of fun,
And not be threatened by a storm.

I thank God for all the seasons,
that make up our year...
And concentrate on the good times...
Just think! Thanksgiving will soon be here!

~ Eva May Young ~

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart to write poetry.  I am a "Golden Ager" shut-in and writing keeps my mind busy with something I've done ever since I was a child, and it's my way of sharing our LORD with who ever comes to visit.  Thanks for reading my poetry - I'd love to hear your comments.  May God richly bless you.  Send emails to:   EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net

[ by: Eva May Young Copyright © 2003 ( EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net ) -- submitted by: Eva Young ]


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