Thank God for Friends!

When we are friends
for so many years,
God blesses us with memories
that always bring tears.

Maybe not surface ones
to roll down our face.
But deep in our hearts
where time won't erase.

Many happy ones, sure!
But some sad ones, too.
Of loved ones who have died
and left us to feel blue.

Until we begin to think
just where they have gone.
We're happy for them,
but, we still feel alone!

Then happy memories start
funny stories we can tell.
Tell Greta, I think of them often,
and always wish them well!

Your children are how old? My word!
Seems like that can't be true!
But look at our kids,
they're all grown up, too!

Dear Lord, I'm truly thankful,
for friends we've known so long.
Seems like every year that passes,
our love only grows more strong!

Continue to bless them, Lord, I pray
so they will know just what to do.
Give them Souls for their labor,
help them in their work for You!

[ by Dot Wilson -- from 'Themestream' -- Ed:anon. ]


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