Thank You

I know sometimes I caused you pain
Most of my life, I made you cry
Bitter thoughts, scattered dreams
I shared them all to you

I often just walk away from you
Treat you like a helpless puppy
A beggar, a nomad
A tramp, nothing, nothing

I could still remember
I even cursed you
I overlooked your kindness
You endless gentleness made me sick

I laugh behind your back
Backbite you without a second thought
I never appreciated your thoughtfulness
I guess I had always been awkward

Through those wearisome years
I began to grow cold
I forget to extend my horizons
In your deep, spiritual values

I somehow grew weary after all
And realize that you never gave up
I paused and tears trickled from my eyes
I am so sorry, pardon my harshness

But then I guess, it isn't too late
I know that though life is short
I would spend this forever
thanking you, my Savior Jesus Christ!


*Dedicated to my ever dearest sweetheart;
the lovable Jesus CHrist!*

[ -- from 'TPS' ]


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