Thank You For Your Forgiveness

Lord, I've been hurting, and now feel so bad.
I have blamed You for the troubles I've had!
I understand now that choices we make,
Hurt when we realize we've made a mistake!

Choices our loved ones make
Hurt us so much.
We can't feel Your presence,
And are afraid we've lost touch.

But then we are drawn,
Closer to You still.
'Cause we pray for guidance,
And then our heart - You heal!

Forgive me, Jesus for Your undeserved blame.
The fault was mine, and now I feel shame.
To think that the problems, that I must face.
I would blame on the Savior of the whole human race!

Forgive me, Jesus, I cry from my knees!
Wash away this sin and give me back peace!
I love You Lord, I'm sorry I hurt You.
For my prayers here lately, have been so few.

It disappoints You I know,
When we so stumble.
That it allows our relationship,
With You to crumble!

Thank You, Lord, for this wake up call.
Reminding me again that we all can fall!
I love You now, more than ever before.
I look forward to meeting You at Heaven's door!

Dot Wilson

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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