Bridge, pond and beautiful scenery.

Thank You Lord

Inspired by my late brother Kit Goins

This prayer is to thank you for the peace
we so often take for granted:

For the sunsets on a quiet beach
For the stars at night that are out of reach

For the precious moments loved ones share
And the things they do to show they care

For the serenity of a warm gentle breeze
For the times with you Lord down on my knees

For the simple times when worries are few
For the lessons learned for the wrongs we do

For the pain, the struggles and the fear
And for all the burdens that we bear

For without these trials and tribulations
we wouldn't experience prayers elationís

Money, material goods and wealth
aren't worth a thing without good health

Help us not to forget the simple pleasures
and remember that our hearts are hidden treasures

For all that matters is what's inside
In the end our souls will override

~ Kim Meyer ~
Copyright © 2007
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Leslie "Kim" Meyer, Copyright © 2007 ( ) -- submitted by: Kim Meyer ]

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