Thank You Once More

      As I stuff the turkey and prepare our annual meal,
      My family is excited and they know just how I feel.
      I love it when the holidays begin here in the fall,
      There's nothing I don't love about it, I just love it all.

      I love the feeling that I get when family is all here,
      I think I love this season more than any time of year.
      But every year is different as we move into this season,
      And every year we celebrate we have a different reason.

      Oh yes we always thank the Lord for blessings that abound,
      And yes we always thank Him that he keeps us safe and sound.
      But this we always do each day and not just once a year,
      It is the new things we enjoy as holidays draw near.

      Each year I always think of things that we did in the past,
      And sometimes wish that all those years had not gone by so fast.
      The loved ones that have graced our table going through the years,
      The ones that are no longer with us always brings me tears.

      It seems that on this day each year I always reminisce,
      Thinking of how many years I have been doing this.
      Making all the dishes and the turkey just the same,
      And having everything on time before the football game.

      All the family gathered as we share and have our meal,
      Sharing all out thankfulness and sharing how we feel.
      Sharing with the new ones that have joined our meal this year,
      Sharing silent prayers for one who is no longer here.

      Sharing tears and laughter of the things done in the past,
      And sharing all the new things wanting them to always last.
      Every year is special, some things old and some things new.
      And everybody talks of all the new things they will do.

      Later on the men retire so stuffed it causes pain,
      As they spraw before the tube to watch the football game.
      All the ladies gather to bring everyone to date,
      Cleaning up the mess from dinner will just have to wait.

      All the kids go running to find toys and games to play,
      This another special time on our Thanksgiving Day.
      I guess this is our free time just to laugh and talk and share,
      Some stay planted while some others move from chair to chair.

      It's just a very special time and love is all around,
      It's just that very special feeling families have all found.
      When they share together in so many different ways,
      This time of year and all the love shown at the holidays.

      So as I place my turkey in and close the oven door,
      I think of the excitement and who I am cooking for.
      I bow my head and say a prayer for blessings given me,
      All I have and all my family close as they can be.

      Thank you Lord for giving me a life so rich and full,
      Thank you for my family that makes life so wonderful.
      Thank you for so many things but I have one request,
      I pray that in this world today that everyone gets blessed.

      Even with the conflict that the world endures each day,
      Even with the problems we all have in every way.
      Let this day be special as the holidays now start,
      Let the peaceful spirit come and enter every heart.

      That is the prayer I offer on this year's Thanksgiving Day,
      That some how in this world a lasting peace will find a way.
      And in this season of good will and peace on earth to men,
      There is a way that on this day that peace will come again.

      So I have made my silent plea it's all that I can do,
      Now I will go get ready because all my family's due.
      I have this day you've given me and who could ask for more,
      My children and my grandbabies will soon be at my door.

      I've lost some loved ones in the past who are no longer here,
      And I will always think about them each and every year.
      And one day it will be my turn to take my leave from earth,
      So I am going to celebrate this day for all it's worth.

      I'm going to laugh; I'm going to cry and make it be the best,
      I'm going to give it all I have when sharing with the rest.
      I'm going to make this day be all that it was meant to be,
      Because next year there may be changes in our family.

      So on this day grab everyone and kiss and hug them tight,
      Share the feast you have today and on into the night.
      Forget about the problems we all have and let them lay,
      We have now, so just enjoy this year's Thanksgiving Day.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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