Son hugging father.

Thanksgiving Reflection

          Once upon a time
          Is how this story starts.
          When I was just a babe
          You touched my parents hearts.

          They brought me to the water
          And made a vow to You
          To raise me to know Jesus,
          His teachings through and through.

          When I reached my teen years
          The heart You touched was mine.
          I knew Your Son had come for me,
          Would love me for all time.

          As I went out in the world,
          A young adult you see,
          I tried to do it on my own
          But You still carried me.

          As I tried to win the race
          Of fame and fortune true,
          I must confess my sin right now
          I had forgotten You.

          Though troubles were many You stayed right there
          Through all my pain and strife.
          My parents and You had taken a vow
          To guide me through my life.

          Looking back now I know You were there
          Through all of those dark years.
          You offered me unconditional love
          And dried up all my tears.

          You blessed me with a baby boy
          Who fills my heart with pride,
          A baby girl as sweet as can be
          My love I cannot hide.

          My parents and siblings have always been there
          To show me how Christ cares.
          Nieces and nephews have shown me Your love
          Which helps me with what life bears.

          You blessed me with friends all of my days
          To brighten my life with joy.
          Your church with traditions, love and support
          Has made me one happy boy.

          So today I am thankful for all of Your love
          As we celebrate this Thanksgiving.
          Please help me to shine my light on the world
          And teach others Your Son is still living.

~ Brian Russell ~
Copyright © 2010
Oldman's Poetry Corner
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[ by: Brian Russell Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Brian Russell ]

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