That Toothless Grin

I'm gettin there but not too fast,
wondering how long this pain will last,
There's pain in my back and pain in my knees.
when I get my breath, you can hear me wheeze.

I take a little walk out in my yard,
but the way I hurt it's a little hard.
I have to move my feet a little at a time,
for what I'm worth I wouldn't give a dime,

There's an old gal that lives down the street,
she's one ol' soul that I'd like to meet.
She may be toothless, but I like her grin,
If I play it right her hand I could win.

We're both gittin old and not any younger,
If I had a cook I might get stronger,
I want to ask her over to sit in my swing,
and say if you love chicken grab a wing.

I'm hoping she will get the hint,
that for her and me love was meant.
I can just see her with that apron on,
cooking in my kitchen way before dawn.

Just thinkin 'bout her makes me feel young,
I'll tell her she's 'purdy I can't hold my tongue.
When you see us with her arm in mine,
you can take that as a good sign.

I can't put it off, this gal I'm going to meet,
It'll take me awhile to shuffle down the street,
I hope she'll ask me to come right in,
I can't hardly wait to see her little grin.

Well whadda 'ya know she did just that,
she ask me in and on the sofa we sat.
I took her by the hand and to her I proposed.
She gave me that grin and kissed me on the nose.

She shocked me so bad, I was surprised,
I gave a little blink, I had tears in my eyes,
I tried hard to get hold of myself,
I stood up, caught hold of the shelf.

She didn't know what was wrong with me,
for all she knew I had a pain in my knee.
She must've been lonely without a man.
I'll love this gal all I can.

Well me and that gal got married one day,
everythings better in every way.
She still grins and kisses my nose.
It makes me happy that I proposed.

She wears that apron, get's up before dawn,
I hurry up and put my shoes on.
I want to be near her the rest of my life.
I wouldn't take 'nuttin for her being my wife.

Mary Eldridge

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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