The Lord's My Light

Psalm 27/28

"The Lord's my light," the Psalmist says,

so what is there to fear?

He is your strength: don't be afraid.

He's promised to be near.

But in your life such trials come

It's hard His voice to hear.

You seem to sink in daily strife;

Your mind is quite unclear.

Though times are hard, and your spirit's low,

and life seems so unfair,

though problems mount like enemies,

and you're ready to despair,

though troubles overwhelm you,

and are more than you can bear,

just go to God; He is your Rock.

You'll find a solace there.

"Wait on the Lord," the Psalmist says,

 and He will strengthen thee.

Although these times are frightening,

from fears He'll set you free.

He'll guide your path. He is your Light:

He'll thwart the enemy.

So what's to fear when God is near?

To His pavilion flee.

God's calling: "Come and talk with Me."

So answer, "Coming, Lord.

Oh do not hide Yourself from me.

I'm trusting in Your Word."

God says He'll not forsake you, friend.

Of His help be assured.

Just dwell within the father's house:

His strength, your sure reward.

Your heart will then be lifted up

much higher than your foe.

So offer up to God a gift.

Let joy from your soul flow.

So others round about you

 will behold in you God' glow.

They then will see but just a glimpse

Of heaven here below.

- Helen Dowd -

[ by Helen Dowd Copyright © 2004, ( -- submitted by: Helen Dowd ]


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