The Actor

I see you at church each Sunday.

Are you here to praise the King?

Or in the sin of pride and self,

Are you coming to be seen?

Do you feel this hour on Sunday,

Will help in your career?

You’re striving for success in life.

Is that the reason you are here?

You’re always on the same pew.

And you sing the hymns of praise.

Do you truly feel God’s Spirit,

As your hands to Him are raised?

When you are called upon to pray,

Do the words come from your heart?

Or like a Pharisee from old,

Are you only playing a part?

As the pastor brings the message,

Is it your wish he’s finished soon?

Could you be feeling somewhat edgy,

Because your tee-off time is noon?

Are your thoughts in another place,

Instead of in this House of Prayer?

I see you glancing at your watch,

Are you wishing you were there?

Friend if you’re only here in body,

Your spirit and body are far apart.

You make a good appearance,

But God can see your heart.

On Sundays, you’re a model Christian.

But during the week, it doesn’t show.

You’re living the life of a hypocrite.

And Jesus told us where they go.

You could surely win an Oscar,

For you play the role so well.

But the role that you are playing,

Is the role that leads to Hell.

This role that has become your life,

One day will end up in despair.

You’ll find your life in shambles,

I can tell you, for I’ve been there.

I, myself, was once an actor.

And I played the very same role.

But a friend led me to Jesus,

Who changed me and healed my soul.

Success and material possessions,

May be the goals you have in mind.

But neither will make you happy.

As you’ll soon find out in time.

Such things are temporary,

And they’ll never satisfy.

That yearning that you’re feeling,

Money can never buy.

But in this House, there’s healing.

And Jesus will cure your every ill.

He waits for you to call on Him,

For He loves you dearly still.

So turn your eyes to Heaven,

And ask forgiveness from the King.

For true happiness in this earthly life,

Only Jesus, the Savior can bring.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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