Alabaster Bottle.

The Alabaster Bottle

No One really knew for sure
The price I had to pay
For the perfume in the bottle
I poured upon my Lord that day
Truth is it cost me everything
All I had I sacrificed
When I broke the bottle with the oil
I gave my Lord my life
But I received far more than I
Could ever give away
And I don't regret one moment
The price I had to pay
Jesus said, He was well pleased
He said the Father seeks for such
Who are able to reach out and love
What others cannot see or touch
God is looking for alabaster bottles
And He will fill them if we ask
With the costly, precious, fragrant oil
Needed to do His task
If we are ever going to reach this world
That our Father loves so much
We are going to have to learn to love
What others cannot see or touch

~ Cheryl A. Mariano ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Cheryl A. Mariano, Copyright © 2011 ( ) -- submitted by: Cheryl A. Mariano ]


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