Clinging to the Cross
Artist Unknown

The Anchor Holds

Are you in the midst of a storm in your life right now?
Hang on!  I've been there, believe me. The only thing
that remains constant, the only true Faithful One, is
Jesus Christ.  He never fails!  God bless you as always.

        "This hope we have
        as an anchor of the soul,
        a hope both sure and
        steadfast and one which
        enters within the veil,
        where Jesus has entered
        as a forerunner for us,
        having become a high
        priest forever according
        to the order of Melchizedek.
        Hebrews 6:19-20"

        I have journeyed
        Through the long, dark night
        Out on the open sea
        By faith alone
        Sight unknown
        And yet His eyes were watching me

        The anchor holds
        Though the ship is battered
        The anchor holds
        Though the sails are torn
        I have fallen on my knees
        As I faced the raging seas
        The anchor holds
        In spite of the storm
        I've had visions
        I've had dreams
        I've even held them in my hand
        But I never knew
        They would slip right through
        Like they were only grains of sand
        I have been young
        But I'm older now
        And there has been beauty
        That these eyes have seen
        But it was in the night
        Through the storms of my life
        Oh, that's where God proved
        His love for me
        I have fallen on my knees
        As I faced the raging seas
        The anchor holds
        In spite of the storm

        ~~ Ray Boltz

Whether melting hearts with gorgeous ballads, or kicking up dust with a little rock 'n roll, Ray Boltz is doing what he has always done - taking the love of God to people . . . in the real world.

Oh, Lord Jesus, we do know what this song writer is talking about.  There have been times in each of our lives that we have felt battered and torn.  Life can be hard and the pains and trials can feel unbearable, but through it all You are there.  You are ever Faithful, ever true.  We can come to You and drop it all at Your feet and we can always find respite in Your arms.  Others may fail us, but You never will.  You are the Holy Lamb of God who has saved us for all eternity!  You have poured out the gifts of heaven upon us with the shedding of Your blood.  Thank You, dear Savior, for Your everlasting love for us.  Thank You for always being there when we need You and for being there even when we think we don't.  You are wonderful!  You are our anchor.  We praise You in Your holy name.  Amen.

[ By: Ray Boltz -- from Helen and Hart Dowd, ( ]


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