The Answer

          It's often hard to think the positive
          when bad things happen to those you love.
          We don't understand why they suffer,
          so we blame our loving God above.

          How can this be for their own good?
          What can they possibly learn from pain?
          Haven't they gone through enough torture?
          What is the prize that they will gain?

          We see the tears roll down their faces
          while their hearts are breaking in two.
          Why would a loving God look down on them,
          and watch all the sorrow that they go through.

          Why won't He change their situation?
          He has the power to turn it all around.
          Instead they go on living the same way,
          Hurt and sorrow is all they have found.

          But do they listen to what they read,
          about waiting patiently on the Lord.
          Or do they go on doubting His promises,
          and not truly believing His holy Word.

          No wonder why they are full of sorrow,
          they are dealing with it on their own.
          They act on their emotions and feelings,
          and they try to solve things all alone.

          Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
          that means in every thing you ever do.
          He will direct every step that you take,
          and never will let go of you.

~ Susan M. Swann ~

[ by: Susan M. Swann -- from 'Aiken Drum' ( ]


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