The Armor Of Our Lord

      We are living in a sinful world with temptations all around.
      It matters not which way we go, there痴 evil to be found.
      The devil tries to tempt us with his many earthly pleasures.
      But true to our Almighty God, we want to share His treasures.

      So, daily we put upon ourselves the armor of our Lord,
      for He alone can protect us with His great and mighty sword.
      We read His word and talk with Him through our daily prayers.
      We know He will protect us. He値l keep us safely in His care.

      We have to place our trust in God and accept His loving grace.
      By doing this, we can be sure we値l one day see His face.
      He promises us that He値l provide and give us all we need.
      By living daily within His will, we know we will succeed.

      When at last the final trumpet sounds and Jesus calls us home,
      we値l finally get to dwell with Him, never more to roam.
      At last we値l see Him face to face and kneel to Him in praise.
      We値l join His heavenly family for our everlasting days.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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