The Artist

The canvas?
Earthen clay.
Darkness, yes,
Light - the way.

Water colored
Land and sky
A subtle hue
A brilliant dye

An aqua splash
A churning sea
Barren land
No wait, there's trees

Add to green
A golden shade
Sun, moon - stars
A sparkling jade

Creatures fashioned
Fantastic, enchanting
Broad color schemes
The Artist granting

A masterpiece
Brilliant, lustrous
One more brushstroke
The reason for justice

The canvas shimmered,
"Let the Artist rest."
He signed His name
He did His best

But they took the brush
And painted black
Their once clean hearts
No looking back

Then, in time
The Artist sent
His Son to brush
A whole new tint

Grace and mercy
Hope and faith
Love, compassion
Touching canvas space

We are His masterpiece
Created in His mirror
The red stains of forgiveness
Prove the Artist has been here.

Glenn A. Hascall

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 ( -- from Glenn A. Hascall ]


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