The beauty of Jesus

          The beauty of Jesus
          The sandals that He wore
          torn and tattered and dirty
          did not change the appearance
          of the the holy feet and their beauty.
          The crown of thorns He wore
          stabbing Him in the head
          sharp and painful
          but still onward He tread.
          The cross that He carried
          so heavy and so tall
          falling on Him with each step
          but He did not stall.
          That's what I see when I think
          of what Jesus did for me
          He didn't hesitate to carry on
          so we could have the victory.
          How beautiful it must have been
          to see Him give His life
          for a people who didn't deserve it
          yet He still did what was right.
          When I think about the Lord
          I remember that should have been me
          hanging on a cross  
          for my sins and for the whole world to see.
          So thank you Jesus
          for carrying me along
          when times are too tough
          and I'm not that strong.

~Pamela Jean Scott ~

[ by: Pamela Jean Scott Copyright © 2007 ( -- from Pamela Jean Scott ]


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