The Best is Yet to Be

Last night as I lay dreaming
That the battle had been won
Our work on earth was ended
As we stood before the Son

The books before Him opened
With every name inside
Of those who chose to follow Him
The tested and the tried

In love He looked upon each face
As He called their name
Well done My faithful servant
Your life brought Me no shame

My blood bought your redemption
As it flowed from Calvary's tree
Because I gave My life for you
You chose to live for me

I heard the angels singing
Highest praises to the Lord
As He called each name before Him
To a true and just reward

The light shone from His face
So much more brilliant than the sun
He held each one within His arms
And said My child well done

You fought the fight and ran the race
Now great is your reward
Come and see all I've prepared
Ye blessed of the Lord

I watched as doors were opened
And as far as eye could see
Such beauty I had ne'er beheld
It took my breath from me

Inside were walls of jasper
Streets were paved of purest gold
Loved ones there were waiting
No longer sick or old

A table set in splendor
In this bright city built foursquare
The marriage supper ready
For those who entered there

The saints were all arrayed in white
With joy upon each face
It was the love of Jesus
That had brought them to this place

I awoke from all my dreaming
Praising Him who died for me
I know that when this life is o'er
The best is yet to be

[ by Linda M. Oliver -- from 'Themestream' ]


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