The Blessing

It was a gloomy morning,
Dark clouds hung over the land,
Winds whipped up the dust,
A frisky storm began.

But deep within my aching heart,
I felt the warmth of the Holy Son,
God's blessed gift to this world,
He reaches out to everyone.

For who can know the Lord Jesus,
And be sad or forlorn,
When we know His great message,
And the reason He was born?

His love is a warm blanket,
Covering our wounded soul,
And when we really get to know Him,
We will give Him complete control.

When I see someone's smiling face,
And hear the love in a voice,
The dark clouds melt away,
And I can smile and rejoice.

We all can be a ray of sunshine,
To brighten someone's dull day,
And our Savior will bless us,
With His light along the way.

He is God's greatest blessing,
And He reaches far and wide,
I thank you, dear Jesus,
For this warm love you provide.

~ Eva May Young ~

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart to write poetry.  I am a "Golden Ager" shut-in and writing keeps my mind busy with something I've done ever since I was a child, and it's my way of sharing our LORD with who ever comes to visit.  Thanks for reading my poetry - I'd love to hear your comments.  May God richly bless you.  Send emails to:   EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net

[ by: Eva May Young Copyright © 2006 ( EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net ) -- submitted by Eva Young ]


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