The Broken Shell

        As I took a stroll along the beach,
        I spied a shell within my reach,
        Its colors were vibrant and strong,
        But with close inspection something was wrong.

        A hole and cracks I then did see,
        So I started to toss it back into the sea,
        Then I saw images from days gone by,
        Which made me stop and start to cry.

        My thoughts went to Jesus upon the cross,
        My broken life he wasn't ready to toss,
        He hung there in pain and endured it all,
        And saved my life from an eternal fall.

        That shell and I are much the same,
        Full of cracks, brokenness and shame,
        We're held together with God's amazing love,
        And looked upon with grace from up above.

        I will always keep this shell I found,
        To remind me although life's cracks abound,
        Christ makes whole the missing parts,
        And can give your life a brand new start.

~ Timothy Dwayne Robinson ~

Inspired by God's beautiful creations
from the sea while in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

[ by: Timothy Dwayne Robinson, Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: Timothy Robinson ]

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