The stub of a tree broken in a storm is now showing signs of rebirth with the growth of new branches and leaves.

The Broken Tree

It was just an ordinary tree
That I had planted years ago
It drew no special attention
As through time, I watched it grow

Extracted from, the woods close by
It's shape and form, was mundane
Blending well with those nearby
Another "tree-in-the-forest" it became

A vicious storm, one day came through
Then it was reduced to just a shrub
I thought of removing what remained
All that was left, was just a stub

As other issues, occupied my time
It was allowed to linger there
The winter season, came and went
As springtime came, it was so bare

Bathed by sunlight and the rain
Soon - new growth appeared
It's contour and mold was superb
It's ugly form, had disappeared

In reality, God can take a simple life
That we might deem but nil
The dull and stark is then transformed
When pruned according to His will

Another chance -- now given
To what would have been a castaway
That which was wrecked by a storm
Now stands erect, in His bouquet

For me, God gave this metaphor
To convey a lesson, that is true
Sometimes a harsh and bitter storm
Can be the beginning, of life anew

~ Colan L. Hiatt ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Colan L. Hiatt, Copyright © 2013 ( ) -- submitted by: Colan L. Hiatt ]

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