The Burden Of A Feather

          I walk through life so burdensome,
          With so many earthly cares.
          Burdens, which seem so troublesome,
          With heaviness and despair.

          These burdens which I carry,
          Are meant to be laid down,
          Yet I often keep them around my neck
          To prove that I am stout.

          Itís when my strength can no longer endure
          The stress of this burdensome strain.
          When I seek my Lord, who comforts me,
          From this self-inflicted pain.

          Itís in this time of faithfulness,
          When my Lord reveals to me,
          A different type of burden,
          One meant to set you free.

          This burden is one of Godís design,
          Which He has lain upon my heart.
          A burden, which is for someone else,
          Who plays a much greater part.

          This burden is easier to carry,
          And portrayed at just the right time.
          This burden is displaying Godís Will,
          Instead of revealing mine.

          The heavy burdens are necessary
          To bring us to the cross.
          For it is there where Christ suffered,
          And God experienced His greatest loss.

          The lighter burden is of Angelís wings,
          A burden, which brings us together.
          So I praise my Lord and Savior
          For my burden of a feather.

~ Josh Campbell ~

[ by: Josh Campbell, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: Josh Campbell ( ]


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