The Chi-Chi Tree

        Your skeletal form
        Silhouetted against the winter sky
        Branches covered with frost
        Your limbs chilled by the frigid air

        It was not long ago
        When summer shone on your fruit
        And your leaves were nurtured by the sun
        The sap ran strong, and coursed through each twig

        But now your foliage lies scattered
        In gutters and along fences
        The lush green leaves
        Are dead and brittle

        Each one a memory
        Each one a faded jewel
        Each one you grew
        And nurtured

        A storm then came
        Which tore off a limb
        First it bent
        Then it snapped
        The sound of wood tearing
        Unheard in the scream of the wind

        Now the sap is congealed
        On your amber wounds
        But the jagged splinters still remain
        As reminders you cannot forget

        The limb is gone and the bark hangs loose
        But you still remember the feel of the wind
        Whistling through its twigs
        The rustle of its leaves in a breeze

        Dark clouds scurry across the darker sky
        Winter chills right to the core
        It numbs but not enough to ease the sorrow

        But winter will pass and spring will come; it always does
        Your branches will thaw and again bear fruit
        New limbs will grow
        And will provide comfort with their shade

        Stronger and fuller you will grow
        With each passing year
        As you learn to take in stride
        The seasons of life

[ by: Cass Chin  ( -- submitted by: Cass Chin ]


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