The Child Inside

Lord grant that I might find the heart
that once lived in this frame.
A heart of innocence, a heart of love,
pure and without blame.

My days of innocence have long past,
I am ashamed to say.
Lord grant that innocence may return,
make new this heart today.

Please keep me clean and without spot,
not questioning what to do.
Take my hand and walk with me.
With Your help, I'll make it through.

Touch these eyes that they may see
the world as it should be.
With You as Lord and Master
reigning today and eternally.

That I might again have the heart of a child,
this is my earnest prayer.
To greet each day with hope, with joy
and see love everywhere.

[ by Joanne Warrick, Copyright © 2001 -- {used with permission} ]


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