Daffodil flowers.

The Daffodil Wanderer

I am a lonely wanderer,
A cloud, traipsing 'cross the sky,
I float on wings of crisp, clear wind,
Over blooming vales and emerald hills.

My company is limited,
Scarce few ever come my way,
I sigh a breeze from dawn to dusk,
As the stars begin to twinkle.

Their never-ending line of smiling beams,
Has not proved to make me joyful on my way,
As I wander lonely, down the scope of the sky,
Into nightfall, and even lonelier hours.

Yet my heart has found a secret delight,
In the companionship of one such as I,
And no more will I sit on the sky-couch of the air,
In deep or pensive mood.

A crowd I noticed, a lonely one,
No company but themselves,
Yet, they laughed and tossed their waving heads,
As if they didn't care!

I saw ten-thousand sprightly heads,
Dancing to a song,
A crowd, a host of daffodils,
Swept into a throng!

They giggled lightly, fluttered by,
And gazed up toward the sun,
Asking if I wished to dance,
And partake in their great pleasure.

Their sparkling eyes and open mouths,
Called for me to join,
So how I could I but resist,
When persuaded me they did?

And with a happy heart,
(For no longer was it lonesome),
I joined their happy chorus,
Singing of life, grace, and beauty!

And so I thought, as the day drew to close,
How I a cloud, lonely as I was,
Had made a friend of such a host,
The glowing daffodils?

I glanced up at the Milky Way,
Strong and shining bright,
And down again at the daffodils,
Comparing the wonderful sight.

And oh my heart, my heart beat fast,
The wanderer in me,
As I thanked the Lord for those daffodils,
And floated away to sleep.

~Rachel Marie Bentham~

[ by: Rachel Marie Bentham Copyright © 2008 (bgbentham@yahoo.com) -- submitted by: Rachel Bentham ]


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