The Dancer

        She sat silently
        Watching the other children play.
        Hoping that she'd jump up and run
        To play with them one day.
        And summer's came and then they went,
        And seasons were here and gone.
        Her youthful longings kept their pace
        As those children grew up and moved on.
        Then as a young teenager balancing books
        With crutches in tow...
        She still dreamt her dreams and endured the taunts
        That hurt her spirit so.

        She was a pretty thing. And had a ready smile...
        That betrayed the lonely saddened heart,
        Which held no grudge nor guile.
        She'd close her eyes and feel her feet
        Gliding gracefully across the floor.
        Her auburn hair and bright blue eyes
        Filled with love and hope and more.
        As the day approached... the big dance came,
        She dressed her Sunday best.
        A most beautiful little wounded bird
        Not quite fitting in with the rest.
        Oh how she longed for strong arms
        To wrap her tiny frame.
        And sweep her up,
        Let her feel loved, and 'normal'
        For a change.

        She lived her life of solitude
        Never abandoning that dream.
        For in her heart of hearts she knew,
        Her prince would come one day--
        To fulfill all that she had seen.
        And as upon her bed she lay,
        Awaiting to draw her final breath,
        They all thought it rather odd-to hear her laugh
        In the face of death.
        For she was once more sitting in
        That lovely gown of lace.
        As He gently took her fragile hand
        And lifted her in place.

        He looked at her with loving eyes
        So deep and very true.
        She smiled and took His hand and said,
        "I've waited my life-long for You".
        Her Prince had come to rescue her.
        Said she was the prettiest and fairest of all.
        As they danced across the floor with grace
        At the angel's Starlight Ball.
        She looked upon her Savior's face,
        And finally felt so free.
        As she swirled and swayed and realized...
        The greatest Prince in all the world,
        From everyone...
        He chose me.

[ Linda M. Carlson ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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