American flag and 'Duke'
"Now just why in the Hell do I have to press '1' for English?"

The Duke on America

          I had a dream the other night
          and it starred big John Wayne,
          He said, "I'm not a murmurer
          and don't like to complain...

          "But things have gotten out-of-hand
          in old U S of A,
          We kicked God out of classrooms
          and told people not to pray.

          "This country once was full of pride
          a land of which to brag,
          But now you see folks blaspheme God
          and even burn our flag.

          "What happened to our common sense ~
          it seems we've gone insane,
          To hand out condoms at the schools
          then tell kids to abstain.

          "It used to be that you could trust
          a man who gave his word,
          Now it's not worth a flea's eyelash,
          it's gone beyond absurd.

          "Our country's being over-run
          while we sit in a daze,
          By folks who won't learn English
          and do not respect our ways."

          The Duke's words came out loud and clear,
          I saw this had him riled,
          His face was red, his fists were clenched,
          his eyes were piercing, wild.

          "We were one nation under God
          and awful proud to be,
          Our troops could hold their heads up high
          and fight to keep us free.

          "But nowadays we send them out
          then try to justify,
          While politicians hem and haw
          to come up with a Why."

          Then suddenly his voice grew soft,
          his words seemed measured, slow,
          He almost seemed embarrassed
          when he whispered, soft and low...

          "This used to be a decent place
          where every man stood tall,
          Most folks saw life as sacred then,
          but now it gets my gall...

          "We toss unwanted babies,
          treat the elderly with scorn,
          And the way some men beat women ~
          better had they not been born."

          Then my alarm clock jangled
          and I stumbled out of bed,
          The Duke had seemed so real to me,
          his words stuck in my head.

          And now when I salute The Flag
          or see it fly on high,
          Or hear a patriotic song
          or watch the Vets march by...

          I like to think The Duke joins in
          while watching from above,
          And bellows out the song with me:
          "God bless the land I love!"

~ Connie ~

"God bless America,
Land that I love,
Stand beside her,
and guide her,
Through the night
with a light from above..."

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook Copyright © 2006 ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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