The Empty Tomb

One day two thousand years ago,
God proved His love for man.
Because the tomb was empty,
He accomplished His salvation plan.

God sacrificed His only Son,
For mankind as a whole.
To re-establish fellowship,
With the creation He gave a soul.

Jesus became our sins that day,
And God poured out His wrath.
He loved the fallen world so much,
He had to provide a path.

A path which leads to the Father,
And that path became His Son.
The cross became the symbol,
By which mankind could be won.

Jesus suffered much and tasted death,
That Friday long ago.
But as He breathed His last, He said,
"Forgive them, they donít know."

The third day, the tomb was empty.
Jesusí body was not to be found.
The grave did not gain victory,
For our Savior could not be bound!

Praise God, the tomb was empty!
In His Word, it was revealed.
Christ died, was buried and rose again,
And all prophecies were fulfilled.

The tomb was unable to hold Him,
Thatís why Easterís a glorious day.
Because He rose and lives again,
We sinners now have The Way.

Through Jesus, we come to the Father.
He is the One and only Way.
For He is our risen Savior,
Who lives and reigns today.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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