The Evergreen's Rose

      Outside the house beside the driveway is an evergreen,
      And two or three times every year a miracle is seen.
      A single red rose starts to bud and blossom to full bloom,
      In the center of the evergreen facing my room.

      Surrounded by the greenery it glows a brilliant red,
      A single red rose blooming where no other makes it's bed.
      Each time it happens and I see it I just stop and stare,
      And wonder with this evergreen how did the rose get there.

      I always stand amazed when I am pondering this view,
      It always brings back memories of someone that I once knew.
      The evergreen reminds me of the people I have known,
      But one stands out just like this rose that blooms there all alone.

      The evergreen is beautiful like people I have met,
      The rose reminds me of someone I never will forget.
      The evergreen surrounds the rose with all it's greenery,
      But the beauty of the precious rose is all that you can see.

      It touches all your senses when the rose is blooming there,
      It makes you stop and notice all the plant life everywhere.
      Floral you would never see or pay attention to,
      Unless the beauty of the rose had it's effect on you.

      Sometimes things in life will bring the focus into view,
      And make you notice everything as if it were brand new.
      It makes you stop and be aware of all the little things,
      You notice flowers as they bloom and watch a bird that sings.

      She was such a person that this rose reminds me of,
      Filled to overflowing with her gentleness and love.
      Always with an attitude of being positive,
      Never wanting for herself she only knew to give.

      She never let the world around her change her attitude,
      Like the single red rose blooming in it's solitude.
      She knew her mind and heart and nothing could stand in her way,
      Just like the single brilliant rose that's blooming here today.

      Many times her actions would bring questions from a peer,
      Just the way you wonder why the rose is growing here.
      But in the end you always knew she'd blossom on the scene,
      The same way that this single rose did with the evergreen.

      Some people slip into your life so quietly they came,
      And just the fact they touched your life, it never is the same.
      She touched so many people's lives the way that she touched mine,
      She was that rose so beautiful and I part of the pine.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2004 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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