The Family Of God!

I'm so glad to belong to the family of God.
I thank Him each day that I live.
He sent Jesus to Earth and He died on the cross.
Our sins He could then forgive.

He arose on that third day, yes, He did that for us.
So that we could live in Heaven one day.
We now have the Bible for our directions,
so that we can find out the way!

The Bible says, that our Jesus is the Light,
We get to Heaven through that Door.
If we read the Bible and do what it says.
We really won't need anything more!

Give Him your heart, repent of your 'wrongs'.
The wrong things we do are always called sin.
If we tell Jesus we're sorry for them.
He will then clean our heart and come in!

We must be sorry deep in our heart.
He will know when we are sincere.
He'll save our soul with a power so strong,
That all through eternity, we will endure!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2002 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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