The Fortress Of Love

        Every marriage has its bumps in the road
        And they can pop up at any time.
        We must learn to navigate them safely  
        With fairness, faith and open mind.
        No matter how far in your marriage you've gone
        The highway of love has its rules.
        The excitement of sex, trust and affection
        Never tolerates self-serving fools.
        They say marriages are made in heaven,
        But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
        Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
        They just destroy what we love by blunder.
        Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
        Douse the spark between you and your mate.
        More of the same fails to feed love s flame
        Till you wake up to find it's too late
        Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
        For both the giver and receiver.
        Never be afraid to hug your partner.
        For the language of touch is a reliever.
        Always remember to support your spouse
        When times of dilemma arise.
        The fortress of love will sustain your marriage  
        If you speak less and listen more, you're wise.

~ Tom Zart ~

[ by: Tom Zart Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: Tom Zart ( ]


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