Flower Garden.

The Garden

I have a little garden, hedged in by a wall
Protected from the elements from Winter until Fall;
Whenever I've a little time I like to sit therein
Basking in the sunshine - especially in Spring.

I often use my rake and shears to trim and keep it clean
Snipping here and cutting there; weeding in between;
Planting, mowing, trimming, sowing; my work's never done
Right throughout the seasons and the years the work goes on.

Water is its lifeblood; rain falling from the sky
Without it the plants will simply wither up and die.
During drier seasons I water plants and lawn;
Early every morning; at the break of dawn.

Oh, how lovely and serene; a joy to eyes and soul
A place of wondrous beauty within which I can stroll;
The weeding and the sowing; the toil with rake and shears
Have produced a haven which improved throughout the years.

Our Father has a garden hedged in by heaven's host
Tended with great love and care by His Holy Ghost.
Each and every moment He is involved therein;
Trimming, weeding, mowing as He cuts away our sin.

Parasitic plants are ripped out by their roots and all;
Rocks and boulders are removed; the big ones and the small.
Weeds replaced by everlasting, useful, fruitful seeds;
Love grows in the place of hate; selfishness and greed.

In its midst a spring of pure and living water flows
To quench the thirst of all the plants which in His garden grows;
Soft rain falling down upon each dry and yearning heart
Desiring to worship and belong to only God.

Throughout the lives of all the souls who truly do belong
The sanctifying work He has begun goes on and on
Teaching us through all the hardships we have to endure;
Causing us to grow in faith and to become mature.

~ Belinda van Rensburg ~

[ by: Belinda van Rensburg, Copyright © 2008 ( lindievr@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Belinda van Rensburg ]

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