A cross on the hill at sunrise.

The Gateway to Victory

    For weeks or months, I am not sure, for time slips by so fast.
    I've longed to see the power of God and have victory at last.
    A glimmer here, a blessing there, keeps my hope alive.
    And yet I wait, and still no sign of ever being revived.

    My prayers are stale, my devotion short; I've many things to do.
    I know my Lord will understand I've plans to make, don't you?
    But deep in side something calls Come closer my dear one .
    Ah! I know that voice: my Father God, and His beloved Son.

    I know the wrestling that you have for changed lives all around.
    What about your own life son, by self you're securely bound.
    He said no more though I sought for Him. The stirring now had passed.
    I'll seek Him out in prayer, I said, and find the key at last.

    The day was new, the morning dim, when to my Lord I came.
    I knew that somehow when I left, I would not be the same.
    I sought Him for the usual things: my wife, my son, my own;
    And there in the dimness of my soul as I approached the throne;
    An image appeared, faintly lit - I could not tell it true.
    My spirit held that in my midst was revival's key I knew.

    The struggles of the day ahead came rushing to my mind.
    I quickly had to push them out or this key I'd never find.
    A silence came. And then it passed; the vision clearer now.
    Amidst the horror in my breast I recognized its bough.
    THE CROSS, THE CROSS; I cried, thou instrument of death.
    The place where my dear Savior died, its sight took all my breath.

    I pondered its length, its width, its breadth; and what had happened there.
    And finally it came to me, I shed my dark despair!
    The place of death it surely was yet a greater work was done.
    It is the Gateway into Life, where Christ's victory o'er death was won.

    The same is true for me each day, death hangs upon me hard.
    The cares of life weigh on my mind and keep me from hearing God.
    But the crimson Cross where Jesus hung and died on Calvary;
    Is too the place where self must die. It's The Gateway to Victory!
~ Brian Bilodeau ~
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Brian Bilodeau, Copyright © 2009 ( brianbilodeau@gmail.com ) -- submitted by: Brian Bilodeau ]

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