The Good Shepherd

The following is a poem I wrote this week for my newly expanded Letter's From a Shepherd's Daughter Web site. Please visit the pages and feel free to send me a note to let me know what you think. I am always excited to hear from my readers. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The good shepherd guides his little flock

Each lamb accounted dear

The steady lead of the wooden crook

Not to punish, but to steer

He uses the terrain to teach the fold

Uses obstacles to teach to draw near

When they reach the ridge and then behold

They have learned to persevere

The good shepherd gives promise of peaceful life

When his flock follows closely his lead

The assurance of tranquility through worldly strife

Imitating Him in thought, word and deed

The good shepherd gathers up his lambs

And guides them safely from the hungry beasts

Lifting each little stray into his hands

To Him the greatest is the least

The good shepherd pastures His hungry flock

In plains filled with grasses sweet

And the flock rests in peace under his sturdy crook

And in trust, kneels beside his feet

[ by: Robin Eaton -- submitted by: Robin Eaton ( ]


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