The Greatest Gift!

He walked the shores of Galilee.
Changed the water into wine.
Healed the sick and raised the dead,
our Savior so divine!

He stands now, with hands outstretched.
Waiting for you to ask Him in.
He WANTS to come into your heart,
and save your soul from sin!

A sincere, "Lord, I'm so sorry,
for the bad things that I've done.
I want to put them behind me.
I want to know God's Son!

Lord, please come into my heart,
and save my soul today.
I don't know, just what to do.
Come in, Lord, show me the way!"

His peace will surround your heart.
You'll know He's there within.
Your soul will fill with joy
to know He's removed your sin!

His precious blood has now covered
your sins and washed them away.
So you can live for Jesus,
and in your heart He'll stay!

Love Him now, and praise Him.
He'll help you through your strife.
Praise Him forever, and never forget.
He has given you the Gift of Life!

[ by Dot Wilson -- {used with permission} ]


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