It happens just a month before Christmas:

        "A festive spirit" begins to unfold.

        At the stores and the malls you can feel it:

        Lights and glitter, a sight to behold.

        In the churches and schools there's a frenzy

        to collect toys and clothes, new and old.

        The "HAVES" want to share with the "HAVE-NOTS,"

        gifts and food, but rarely their gold.

        Christmas week, and right through to New Year's,

        love and friendship waft gently on air.

        Clubs and schools fill up boxes with goodies

        to show all the "HAVE-NOTS" they care.

        At the churches they serve Christmas dinners,

        inviting the "HAVE-NOTS" to share.

        Oh the "HAVES" are so generous at Christmas.

        For the "HAVE-NOTS" they even offer a prayer.

        But just wait til a month after Christmas,

        toys, tinsels and trees all forgot.

        Where then, is the pre-Christmas spirit?

        Have the "HAVES" now forgot the "HAVE-NOTS"?

        NOTE: the "HAVES" carry on with their living,

        hardly thinking of all they have got,

        while the "HAVE-NOTS" go on just existing,

        getting by without what they have not.

~ Helen Dowd ~

[ by Helen Dowd Copyright © 2006, ( -- submitted by: Helen Dowd ]


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