The Heavenly Gardener

          I've heard so much about you
          So many have sought to explain
          But I think my truest conception
          Was formed in the midst of pain

          A maker, a savior, a shelter, a friend
          Someone you can rely on till the end
          All of the above ascribed to you
          But heavenly gardener the one so true

          The reason I'd like to say this
          Is because I have truly seen
          The heavenly gardeners work
          When the garden a mess had been.

          No birds sang in that garden
          No roses blossomed, no fruits grew
          No beautiful autumn leaves fell
          I no longer had faith in you!

          When clods of earth were cold and hard
          Faith and hope completely marred
          Grace watered the garden of pain
          Caused flowers to bloom, grow again.

          When weeds of doubt and anger
          Pulled me down, strangled all hope
          Your love watered the garden
          In darkness no longer did I grope

          In that dreary earth you sowed
          The seeds of hope in me
          That now into a beautiful garden
          Will grow for all eternity !!!

~ Judy Doyle ~

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2008 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]


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