American flag.

The Helmet - Honor Never Repaid

          A shot ripped through the air,
          Blood mingled with the blowing dirt,
          It lodged within his shoulder
          Leaving the young soldier badly hurt.
          The force of the bullet
          Pushed him to the dust.
          He lay there so stunned,
          But did what he must.
          He got up to his knees,
          That he might help his fellow men.
          Staggered a couple feet,
          Yet stumbled once again.
          He fell back to the ground
          And looked across from him.
          He saw his helmet laying there,
          A gouge marked the rim.
          He groaned in pain and knew
          That he was going to die,
          But knew its for a good cause,
          Then breathed his last sigh.
          Once again another soldier
          Had died to keep us free.
          A true American Patriot.
          Who fought for our country.
          And we give thanks today
          For the sacrifices made.
          For all Americans know
          Honor never can be repaid.

          ~ Autumn Bentham ~

[ by: Autumn Bentham, Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Autumn Bentham ]


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