The Jigsaw Puzzle

          When God opened the box of my life
          It was jumbled pieces all around
          Looked long and hard at the contents
          And smiled at what he found!

          Painstakingly he took few pieces
          Sought to find its place
          All the time I sighed and squirmed
          Watched the smile still on his face!

          I tried so hard to urge him
          Fit each piece; impatiently in vain
          So I could see the finished work
          He smiled at me again!

          Then let me be for periods long
          Turned away, left me alone
          I pleaded with him to no avail
          The silence had to be borne!

          God was perfecting me I knew
          And perhaps I needed to wait
          I learnt although he was never early
          My God was never late!

          As I learnt the virtue of patience
          To place few pieces he d return
          The puzzle would one day take form
          A lesson I struggled to learn!

          But so few pieces he placed
          My patience he sorely tried
          Nowhere as much as I wanted
          How with him could I abide?

          So trusting in my intelligence
          Rather than wait so long
          I tried fitting them on my own
          Alas they were always wrong!

          I'd struggle to place a piece
          Assuming I had it all
          Worn from trying so hard
          At last I'd let it fall!

          Each time I tried it on my own
          He'd watch me struggle in vain
          With nothing but a smile, then
          Lovingly return, fit a piece again!

          At last with every piece in place
          I sit with awe at his feet
          Amazed at the beautiful work
          My life over, the puzzle complete!

~ Judy Doyle ~

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2008 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]


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