Shining light at the end of a dark road.

The Last Road

      The roads I walk are weary, filled with pain and despair
      Dusty, dark, dreary, each path, lonesome filled with care
      Causing me to sin against my maker, doubt him everyday
      Struggle to let his will be done, follow in his way

      Yet my soul knows deep within, my God does have his plans
      His ways are so astounding, his wisdom greater than mans
      I have but just to hold on, force my strength, sinew and will
      Rely on all his wisdom, lean on his strength, stand still

      See each roads pain and sorrow, as merely just a bend
      When clouds of doubt obscure my vision know it's not the end.
      For the very last road I walk will reveal all he had in store
      I'll learn the truth about my maker, won't doubt him any more!!!

~ Judy Doyle ~

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]


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