Young boys selling lemonade.

The Lemonade Stand

A little boy, on summer's holiday
Had a lemonade stand, one dollar to pay
Business was good as he stood in the sun
Then along came some boys, thirsty each one
No money had they, nothing to pay
The little boy called to his mom that day
"Mom, quickly change the sign for me
One dollar a glass, if you're broke then it's free"
What lessons could we learn from that little boy
His simple gesture brought such joy
To those in need, he showed such love
He reminds me of the Father above
God looks at us, He sees we are broke
Then like that summer's day little bloke
He says "you can't afford it, but I made it free
The salvation bought by My Son on the tree"
We come to Him with nothing to give
Then He provides, what we need to live
What a Father to have, to love us each day
I praise and thank Him every time that I pray
Omnipotent Father, Creator of all
Yet He hears me when I call
Empty handed, I have nothing to bring
But He reminds me, I'm a child of the King
Because of His Son who died on the tree
He tells me don't worry, when you're broke I am free
So let's learn a lesson from that little boy
Meeting others needs, brings a great joy
Let's try to live like that every day
God's love is free, there's nothing to pay
So let's share Him everywhere that we go
So people all around us will know
Like the lemonade stand, on the hot summer's day
God's love is free, there's nothing to pay

~ Debbie Preuss ~
October 17, 2003

[ by: Debbie Preuss -- received [Edited] from Chris Long at 'Laugh & Lift' (www.laughandlift.com) ]

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