The Life That He Gives

It is He who has made us,
and not we ourselves;
He alone has the right
to recall us through death.

He gives us our lives
in accord with His plan,
It is He who rules over us,
not Satan, and not man.

The life that He gives us
may be full of many days
in which we may praise Him
for trials that come our way.

The life that He gives us
may be short, but still,
He can teach us to obey Him,
and do, always, His will.

He gave us a Savior,
sent from His throne above,
to help us and guide us
and perfect us in His love.

Our hardships and troubles,
grief, pain and loss,
work His will within us,
to burn out all the dross.

When we submit and surrender
to His tender care
He makes us like Jesus,
so we will fit in up there.

Give praise through troubles,
just trust them with Him,
for each is need specific,
and never just at His whim.

You don't want to leave here
headed for heaven above,
until you are completely,
perfected in His holy love.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {poem for SkyWriting.Net} ]


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