The Master Is Calling

The Master is calling ~ He seeks you today.

To a world lost and dying, He offers the Way.

He provides you redemption ~ He died for your sins.

He beckons you come ~ your fate lies herein.

All things of this earth will one day pass away.

The spirit ever lives, though the body decays.

Your emptiness inside only Jesus can fill.

Peace will ensue when youíre marked with His seal.

He loves you though you are still dead in your sins.

Through His plan of salvation, your new life can begin.

What waits you in Heaven, your mind canít conceive.

But it all can be yours, if youíll only believe.

Canít you hear Him calling? He says, "Come to Me.

I bore the worldís sins when I hung on the tree.

When I experienced death on Black Calvary,

I defeated the grave and from death set you free."

His hand is extended ~ reach out and take hold.

Once youíre in His grasp, youíre part of His fold.

Heíll keep you secure ~ Satanís grip will be broken.

He loses the battle when the name "Jesus" is spoken.

Pride is the downfall of the world as a whole.

It only breeds sin and holds captive your soul.

So humble yourself and confess youíre a sinner.

God will forgive you and youíll be a winner.

Donít let pride keep you waiting ~ make a decision today.

The darkness youíre in will be brighter than day.

Eternity waits ~ where itís spent is your choice.

When you choose the Master, all angels rejoice.

Acknowledge Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Eternity with Him will be your reward.

Your sins are forgiven by His work at the Cross.

His blood will redeem you ~ youíll no longer be lost.

I see you are kneeling and confessing your sins.

Youíre inviting Lord Jesus to come dwell within.

Youíre asking forgiveness and trusting in Him.

Heís forgiven you ~ you are no longer condemned.

Youíre now a new person ~ youíve been born again.

His righteousness covers the stain of your sin.

Heíll give you the strength to finish the race.

Like me, youíre a sinner whoís been saved by grace.

- Emily McAdams -

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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