The Masterís Touch

          Today, the values in this world
          Are not a pretty sight
          A life of fame and worldly gain
          Has led us from the light.

          Today, our lives are compromised
          By greediness and wealth
          The Bible has been hid away
          Upon a dusty shelf.

          Today, the thoughts that fill our minds
          Are shallow without God
          The trails that wander through the soul
          Are paths, we shouldnít trod.

          Today, I took a look around
          I gazed into the sky
          The grandeur of this universe
          The fact we all shall die.

          Today, I viewed Godís handiwork
          And somehow felt quite small
          The moon, the stars, a grain of sand
          The mystery of it all.

          Today, I came to realize
          The things that meant so much
          Are really of no value now
          Without the Masterís touch.

~ Marilyn Ferguson ~
Copyright © April 08, 2008
All Rights Reserved

[ Author: Marilyn Ferguson Copyright © 2008 -- submitted by: Marilyn Ferguson ]


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