Jesus Christ talking to three children up on a hill.

The Mirror

In the mirror on the wall
I see a sinner born to fall;
There's nothing here to recommend,
Only darkness, death and sin.

As time goes by I look again,
There is a change, a glow within;
The old man is there, but something's new,
The glow of Holy Spirit true.

I little knew what was implied
When I bid the Savior come inside.
He's cleaning house here evermore,
Sweeping garbage out the door;

He said He would not live within
And share me with ungodly sin;
He is succeeding where I failed,
In routing out the filth of hell.

Though ugly flesh still I see
Housing what He's done in me,
His work of grace will not fully show
till through death's final vail I go;

And break this mirror to reveal
The victory wrought on Calvary's Hill,
That hid me in the Lamb who died,
Who in my stead was crucified.

With open arms He'll welcome me
And bid me come inside and see;
Unspeakable joy that day will bring
When I see Jesus, my Lord and King.

~ Joyce Gryner Guy ~
Copyright © 1986
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Joyce Gryner Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 1986 ( -- from: Joyce Guy ]

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