The Name Jesus

Only one name in all the world,
Can bring you joy and peace.
The name that's for all peoples,
From the greatest to the least.

No matter your nationality,
Or the color of your skin.
It's the only name, on which you call,
That can forgive you all your sins.

It matters not how rich you are,
Or if you're barely getting by.
The precious name on which you call,
Will lift your spirits high.

The name will remove your every doubt,
And erase your many fears.
The marvelous name has promised,
To wipe away your tears.

If you are a prisoner of darkness,
Or a captive of any stronghold.
The name can give you freedom,
By breaking the enemy's hold.

The one true God created all,
And He loves each one the same.
He desires to draw you to Him,
But you must call upon the name.

The name above all other names,
Is Jesus Christ, the Lord.
He fulfilled the plan of salvation,
With eternal life as your reward.

But the Sovereign God is Holy.
And all were born into sin.
In order to enter His presence,
Only the Son can usher you in.

For Jesus is the only name,
You can call on for salvation.
God does not want to lose you,
So respond to His invitation.

Just call on the name of Jesus.
Ask Him to change your heart.
He's willing to forgive your every sin.
And He offers a fresh new start.

All your burdens of guilt and sin,
He endured upon the cross.
If not for His loving sacrifice,
You'd still be condemned and lost.

The blood He shed redeemed you.
His righteousness covers your sins.
When God looks at you, He sees His Son,
For His radiance shines from within.

Proclaim the name of Jesus,
You should never be ashamed.
For of all the names throughout the world,
It's the "name" above all names.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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